Soap and Glory’s Hand Food

Hello world! Apologies, I know I said I was trying to get back to my blog and I feel like I’ve let you down for the past month. Been spending time with the boyfriend and prepping for 3rd year uni so I’m so sorry guys. Forgive me?


This is Hand Food by Soap and Glory, their classic hydrating hand cream. It is an interesting one as it contains marshmallow as an ingredient along with macadamia oil and shea butter. It takes a little while to massage in properly and I think that’s because of the marshmallow but it is very hydrating, that’s for definite. The one in the picture is the 125ml bottle but I also own the 250ml pump version which I actually prefer to use. There’s nothing different, they are exactly the same product but I much prefer using the pump version so I think this tube will just be used to top that one up. You need very, very little product to go a long way. I find it best to place a small amount on the back of one hand and then rub the top of my hands together before putting any cream on my palms. The only reason I find this easier is because, even though it says non-greasy, I always find hand creams and moisturisers feel greasy when on my palms so it’s best to rub most of it into the top of my hands. Their original pink scent has been used in this product and it’s not the best scent ever but it’s not a bad one (on a side note, they use the same scent in their Righteous Butter and I can’t stand the scent in that because it’s too overwhelming but it doesn’t bother me so much in Hand Food). In terms of pricing, I find Soap and Glory to be a middle priced range. The 125ml tube retails for £5.50 at Boots while the 250ml pump bottle is £7, also in Boots. They also stock a mini 50ml bottle for £2.50. Soap and Glory products are usually on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots too so if you want to try out anything else from them then I recommend taking advantage of that and buying Hand Food if you’re in the market for a decent hand cream. 7/10.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Please stay tuned, working on some more posts as you read!



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