Soap and Glory Butter Yourself

Apologies for the fairly regular background changes in the next couple of posts, some of them were taken in my parents house before and after we moved and some were taken in my uni flat.DSCN0489

Moving on, this is the Butter Yourself moisture lotion by Soap and Glory. First of all, I am in love with the scent of this, Fruitigo. It smells very citrusy and kind of nutty with a little coconut mixed in. Not surprising as the main ingredients include cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, mango butter and orange peel extract and fruit water. Next, despite the fact the name suggests it could be a body butter, it is very light on the skin, rubs in very easily and has a much thinner formula than you’d think. When you look inside the bottle, it looks very thick, like Soap and Glory’s Hand Food (to see my review, click here), but in actuality, it feels very lightweight, like a lotion should. It’s very moisturising and when I use it on my dry  skin before I go to bed after having a shower, my skin genuinely feels extremely soft and moisturised for at least 2 days. As always, you guys can pick this up from Boots where Soap and Glory, as always, tends to be on 3 for 2. This bottle is the 500ml pump bottle and is £10 and is also sold in a 300ml tub (which I am fairly certain is the same thing even though it says “smoothing body cream”) for £10.50. I’d say it’s relatively affordable but I’d much prefer if they did a smaller bottle or tube as well. 7/10.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic Tuesday!



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