Soap and Glory Sugar Crush


Presenting the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. As far as I’m aware, the body wash is only available in this 500ml pump bottle. The smell is, as I often find with Soap and Glory products, amazeballs! Very, very citrusy, not surprising really when the main ingredient in the scent is lime oil. Not one of my favourite body washes. It’s very watery, almost milk-like consistency which I’m not a massive fan of. Although it foams very nicely and you don’t need too much. While I love the scent, it lingers too long and strongly on the skin, even when I use lotion or moisturiser on top. I probably wouldn’t buy this again but it’s been a good run. I may try something else from the range though just to check out how they compare. While this is the only size bottle of the body wash, there is a pretty decent range of Sugar Crush products at Boots (as always, usually on 3 for 2) ranging from body mist to a scrub to moisturiser. There’s also 2 gift sets. These all range in price from about £4 to £15 for the gift sets. You can check out the range here. At £6.50 for this bottle, it’s really quite cheap and if the lingering scent didn’t bother me so much, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. 5/10.

Hope everyone’s having an awesome Tuesday!



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