Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet


Me being me, I saw there was a sale in the Body Shop and decided I had to try something from the new Fuji Green Tea range even though I was in a rush. Again, me being me I was in need of a new body scrub and I thought the body sorbet was a scrub. Silly I know. Despite this small setback, this is an alright moisturiser. You put it on when you get out of the shower and your skin is still damp. Because of this, you really don’t need much at all. For example, I only need a little bit about the size of a hazelnut to do my entire lower leg and knee. It smells amazing, lots of green tea scent in there (obviously) but I often find that the smell lingers for too long on the skin after use. It doesn’t take much to rub in and it dries relatively fast. It is very sorbet like although it’s much finer than some food sorbets. At only £8 for a 200ml bottle these sorbets are relatively cheap however I feel that because you really don’t need too much product to cover relatively large sized areas, they should really sell this is smaller bottles too. 5/10.

Hope everyone’s having a fab Saturday!



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