Vitamin E Night Moisturiser


The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range was always one I’d wanted to try so when they had a buy one get one half price or BOGOF on skincare items, I decided to try this along with the seaweed day cream (review to come). It’s a very smooth, thick looking cream but is very light and feels very soft on the skin. Again, a little goes a rather long way. While it smells rather perfume-like and slightly chalky, it isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t bother me too much. It doesn’t take too long to dry and I always wake up feeling that my skin feels better than it does on nights when I don’t use it. At £12 for a 50ml tub you’d be forgiven for thinking this is slightly expensive but actually it will take you a long time to use this entire tub up so it’ll be worth it in the long run (although, having said that, everyone would like stuff to be cheaper if possible). 6/10.

Hope y’all are having an amazing Thursday!



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