Slow Going

I’m aware I’ve been rather slow on the posts lately and I don’t expect that pace to pick up much any time soon. I may still post TV reviews every week once the majority of shows start up again soon. The issue I’m having with posting beauty product reviews right now is that I’ve got a lot of products that have already been reviewed sitting around waiting to get used up. I’m trying to finish as many products as possible before I go out and do a big haul. I don’t like having a lot of products sitting around doing nothing so I apologise for the lack of posts this summer. I only have about 2 or 3 products left to review that I’m also in the middle of using up so I’ll try and get those reviews posted soon too.

The other issue with running my blog is that I’m just about to head into 3rd year at university (the first year that really really counts) and I have to write a dissertation in the first 4 weeks for one of my modules. So if you don’t see any posts from me until October I apologise but please understand that I do only run this blog as a hobby and my education must come first. I will try and post my TV reviews however if I’m short for time they may only be ratings as opposed to reviews (unless there’s something riveting that I must mention about an episode)

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having a fantastic Sunday and please, bear with me. I will be back. Also if you can think of anything specific you’d like to see me review please put a comment at the bottom and I will see what I can do. (please bear in mind I am a student and I pay for all of these products out of my own pocket so nothing ridiculously expensive please :))



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