Dip Dyed Hair

part 2

Anyone remember when I first posted this photo? Me either! Anyway, I thought I’d let you guys know how I go about dip dyeing my hair and review the products I use.

First off, I start by sectioning my hair into about 6 sections and securing each one with a hair bobble. I always make sure to brush the hair after I’ve secured it before I pull small strips of hair back through a little bit from the top of the bobble just to make sure my dip dye doesn’t end up looking ridiculous with a straight line across my hair where the dye starts. I then start covering the whole of each section with lots of dye, making sure to not only cover the strands on the top and bottom but also in the middle of each section, again so it looks better and you don’t have entire strips of natural hair colour mixed in with the dyed strands. I wrap each section up in aluminium/tin foil just to stop it from dripping or transferring colour onto clothes/skin (I’m well aware that many people believe you should only do this with blonde dye because it wrecks the colour otherwise but I’ve never had a problem using this method) and leave it on about an hour. Obviously, the longer you can keep a semi-permanent colour on for, the better. I feel I should also note at this point that it’s important to remember that no matter whether you have pre-treated hair, natural hair, dark hair, or blonde hair, these types of dyes DO NOT take to wet hair and I don’t understand why they tell you to wash your hair first in the instruction booklet. I find it works best, when dyeing with semi-permanent colours, to dye your hair the day or 2 days after you last showered and washed your hair and to always apply the dye to dry hair.

After the hour’s up, I hop in the shower and start unwrapping and washing the product out of each section separately. I’ve always found that when I try and run the water over the colour until the water runs clear that, firstly, the dye lasts not as long on my hair, and secondly, the water either takes forever to go clear or never does. I’d recommend not wasting your time running water over your dye trying to get the water to run clear unless you want to be stood in the shower for more than an hour or don’t mind only having the colour last 2 weeks instead of 6+ weeks (including the time it takes for the colour to fade out completely/almost completely). It usually gets fairly messy if you’re stood up in the shower trying to wash out the dye so I’d also recommend kneeling/sitting down with your hair in the stream just to minimise the amount of mess in your shower. Also, when you do stand up to wash your hair the dye will likely run down you’re body at some point. This usually easily comes off with just body wash but, if it’s being awkward, try a scrub and if that still doesn’t work, the only other thing I’ve found that works is acetone nail polish remover but I obviously don’t recommend this for large areas of skin. If you don’t want to use this last one at all and the stain doesn’t come off your skin easily, it will gradually wash off the next couple of times you shower and shouldn’t transfer to your clothes either.

Once the colour’s washed out, I like to use Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner, taking care to shampoo pretty much just the top of my head and apply the conditioner to the ends. I always then follow up rinsing off the Aussie conditioner and going over the ends again with a packet of the conditioner that comes with the Schwarzkopf dyes. Dry your hair as quickly as possible to minimise any transfer onto your towels, unless of course you don’t care about the towels or if they’re old. This method always works a treat for me. I have never dyed my hair with any damaging products like bleach and I never pre-treat my hair.  I have naturally light brown/dark blonde hair and, even though I’m never going to get the colour on the box, I have still always loved the shade I have gotten out of it. Also, because you may have decided to not let the water run clear, please bear in mind that your colour will still run a bit in water alone for the next 2 washes so I tend to not go crazy washing the ends with shampoo. After about the 3rd wash (including the one you did the day you actually dyed the hair) it’s not visible that your dye is washing out unless you wash it with shampoo.

When I wash my hair the day or 2 before colouring, I like to use Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance shampoo and conditioner, as they are clarifying, followed by the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. (Because it’s clarifying your hair will feel dry as straw even in the shower which is why I always wash again with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner) This is also the way I go about washing my hair when the colour starts to fade or you want rid of it sooner. Once a week I’ll wash my hair with Herbal Essences Tealicious and follow it up with Aussie Miracle Moist and the rest of the time I just wash my hair with Aussie Miracle Moist.

Product review time!

capri blue

First up, the first semi-permanent dye I ever tried. Would not recommend! It’s the Crazy Color by Renbow in Capri Blue. I had issues with this from the start. It needed to be mixed in with conditioner, I can’t remember if it was too runny or what but it needed to be mixed in with conditioner. First application, it turned out a very faint green shade. I then re-dyed it a day or 2 later and got it to go a very very dark blue. Not a problem, once it was blue it was a very nice shade. That is until 3 washes later when it went back to green and I’m talking really, very obviously green (to the point I wasn’t sure if I’d actually accidentally used the bottle of Peacock Blue I’d ordered at the same time but decided not to use because it looked too green but when I checked, that bottle was still full). Not sure if I just got a dud bottle but I remember this was before I discovered the Herbal Essences so I had to live with green hair for 4 whole months and it only just finished washing out about a week before I went on holiday. Other than the issues I had with it, it smells good and it’s a decent sized bottle for dip dyeing. I used the whole bottle to dye it twice but that was because I had to add conditioner. It is relatively cheap too at about £4.50 a bottle on Amazon. For me though I’d have to say 4/10. Here’s a picture of what it looked like after second application though, please note this was the first  time I’d dyed my hair so I only  did the very ends of my hair.


part 2

Next is the Schwarkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights in the shades Pillarbox Red, Purple Punk, Turquoise Temptation and Raspberry Rebel. First off, I’ve not used the Turqouise Temptation yet because I went out and tried Electric Blue first and that came out quite dark so I’m doubting the Turquoise will come out blue at all. Anyway, Pillarbox Red, Purple Punk, Raspberry Rebel and Electric Blue all came out fantastic. The colours were gorgeous and, in the case of Raspberry Rebel, it was basically the same colour as on the box. The red, purple and blue all came out darker, which is to be expected really but I still loved the colour they came out as. The product itself is nice and thick, doesn’t need mixed in with conditioner (unless you want to lighten the colour and please note you must use white conditioner when adding conditioner or it changes the colour) and takes extremely well to my hair, not to mention it smells really good too. I always just take it straight from the tube and apply it. There’s more than enough in each tube and I try and use the whole tube to dip dye even if that means there’s excess dye on the hair because it works better as you’ll see in a minute from my Raspberry Rebel picture. All look amazing but I think I only have these 2 photos. The left one is of Raspberry Rebel the first time I did it (only the second time I’d ever dyed my hair and so I didn’t use the whole bottle so it doesn’t look very good but it looked much better the 2nd time I did it like 2 colours later and used the whole bottle, that’s when it was pretty much box colour) and the other is Pillarbox Red and while it doesn’t look very bright at all, the picture does not do it justice at all, it was brighter than that just not box bright. (also I know my hair looks 2 different colours in those pictures, I haven’t done anything to my hair, you can blame the bad, man-made lighting in the second picture. The first was taken in natural light and that’s the colour my hair naturally is)

rebel red

I think they’ve discontinued the Turquoise one now as it’s no longer on the Schwarzkopf website but these retail for usually around £6 a box but can often be found on offer in Superdrug and Boots. I think you can get them for about £4-£4.50 in Bodycare sometimes too. 8/10.


Moving on, the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner smells very good and works a treat. It’s very moisturising and the only issue I have is that, for some reason, Aussie have decided to make their conditioner bottle 50ml less than the shampoo bottles and yet still sell them for the same price. Having said that, you can buy this 300ml shampoo and 250ml conditioner in B&M for £2.99 a bottle or the larger bottles which I think are 500ml and 450ml in Home Bargains for £3.99 a bottle. They are also often on offer in Boots and Superdrug but full retail price is around £5 a bottle. 7/10.


Finally, the Herbal Essences Tealicious Fresh Balance shampoo and conditioner also smell really good (probably unsurprisingly of tea tree oil) and are a good clarifying set. I do wish it didn’t make my hair feel like straw even in the shower but I guess that’s something I just have to put up with when using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. It does the job it’s intended to do and is good to use when you have lingering pigment, especially red pigment, that you want rid of. Don’t try this vitamin C hogwash, it genuinely just turns your hair orange. They retail for £4 a bottle and generally come in 400ml bottles. Again, they’re often on offer in Boots and Superdrug and sometimes Tesco too. 6/10.

Alright guys, that’s it. Hope y’all enjoyed hearing how I go about dip dyeing. Probably going to do it again soon, not had any colour in my hair since February. Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday.



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