Christmas 2015 Haul

Ok, I guess I should post this before it gets so far into January that it’s no longer relevant. I’m not bragging in any way, I just know some people like reading haul posts especially around Christmas.

xmas 1

Firstly I received a 2016 diary from my parents and 3 entire boxes of American candy from my boyfriend (no wonder I’ve put weight on over Christmas break!) along with the Exploding Kittens game from my boyfriend’s family. Exploding Kittens is actually a really fun card game and even though I was gifted the NSFW version, the only part of it that is NSFW is what is written on the cards and you tend not to read that bit out anyway.

xmas 2

Next was a whole lot of socks from my parents. I actually asked for socks this Christmas… I guess that was kind of my welcome into adulthood. Anyway, huge feet here has to wear men’s socks 90% of the time so that explains the presence of 2 boxes of men’s socks. I also received the Body Shop Strawberry Festive Picks gift set from my boyfriend and the Strawberry Deluxe gift set from my parents. The Festive Picks set contains a shower gel, mini body polish, mini body butter, loofah and bar of hand soap whilst the Deluxe gift set contains a full size body sorbet and body butter, a mini body polish, a shower gel, an eau de toillette and the beautifying oil.

xmas 3

Puzzles have been present each year for a good while now and I’m rather sad that I was told this may be the last year I get puzzles for Christmas. I’m puzzle mad, I know but I love doing them. Anyway, my parents got me the Wasgij puzzles Original 18 “Uproar at the Vets”, Destiny 1 “The Best Days of Our Lives”, Mystery 1 “The Wasgij Express” and Mystery 5 “Sunday Lunch”.

xmas 4

Getting down to the bits and bobs, I was given a large tub of Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans from my parents and, as if he didn’t buy me enough, I was given the Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream from the Spa of the World collection by my boyfriend. I was overjoyed on Christmas Eve when I opened up box number 24 in my Body Shop Advent Calendar to find a mini product and a box with a 25 on it. The nail varnish within this box was their Colour Crush nail varnish in Relish the Moment

xmas 5

Finally, I wasn’t really in need of a new perfume but this is what happens when you’re mum works in a fragrance store so I also received the Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss perfume and perfumed body lotion set and the Breville Cafe Style sandwich press from my parents. I also received a bottle of VO5 refresh me quick dry shampoo from my boyfriend’s family.

Alright folks, that’s all for today. One exam left to do this Thursday and then I’m winding down for a week before uni starts up again. I will make time for writing reviews and other posts for you guys to try and ensure you guys always have a regular enough update from me. Sorry about it being a month since my last post again, I will fix this. Hope everyone’s having a great Monday!



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