Body Shop 2015 Advent Calendar

Ola everyone!

My boyfriend is so amazing and when we went along to the Body Shop’s VIP event in November he bought me the Advent Calendar. This whole thing cost £60 and has a worth of £93.50 (of course we had the special 40% off discount for the night so my boyfriend didn’t pay £60 but either way he’s just awesome)

Here’s a break down of what was in each box and some of my thoughts on the products included. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂


1 – mini Frosted Cranberry shimmer lotion
2 – mini Vitamin E moisture cream
3 – mini Shea butter body butter
4 – full-size black eye definer pencil liner
5 – mini Fuji green tea shower gel
6 – small green bath lily (a.k.a. loofah)
7 – mini Vitamin E toner
8 – eyelash curler
9 – full-size Elderflower eye gel
10 – mini Frosted Cranberry hand soap, heart shaped
11 – mini Shea butter shower cream
12 – full-size Almond hand and nail cream
13 – full-size Strawberry lip butter
14 – mini Shea butter hand soap, heart shaped
15 – mini Frosted Plum shimmer lotion
16 – mini Vitamin E night cream
17 – mini Wild Argan Oil shower gel
18 – eye shadow brush
19 – mini Fuji green tea body lotion
20 – full-size Honeymania lip butter
21 – mini Frosted Plum hand soap, heart shaped
22 – full-size Strawberry hand and nail cream
23 – mini nail file
24 – box 25 and mini Italian Summer Fig eau de toilette
25 – full-size Colour Crush nail varnish in shade Relish the Moment

Thoughts. I’m not a massive fan of shimmer lotions but the Cranberry one does smell pretty good. Admittedly, the Plum stuff was new this year but I’m not a huge fan of the smell. The only smell I like in the Plum collection is in the body scrub (I think this is because it’s a sugar scrub and some fruits do taste or smell better when sugar is involved). I also really don’t like the smell of the Wild Argan Oil shower gel but at least there was only 1 product in the calendar. Moving on, I am a fan of the Vitamin E collection so I was glad to have minis from this collection in the box. The Shea butter collection is also quickly becoming one of my favourites. I have yet to open the Honeymania lip butter however I am in 2 minds about this collection, I own the mini cream body scrub from the same collection and I just don’t know what to make of it honestly. Fuji green tea products smell ok in small amounts and the Elderflower eye gel is nice and cooling & soothing. If you hadn’t already guessed from my what I got for Christmas post I absolutely love the Strawberry collection so was extremely happy to find Strawberry products in this calendar. Since I have a lot of hand creams I decided to give the Almond hand cream to my mum because she didn’t have one so I can’t really say anything about that. I’ve fallen in love with the Italian Summer fig scent to the point I will be buying a full-size one when I have finished other perfumes I currently own. While I’ve not tried out the nail varnish yet I do love the colour. I don’t really use eyelash curlers so I’m not sure that will be used but I have already used the mini file and I’ve tried out the eyeliner and it’s actually a pretty soft pencil and doesn’t pull at the lids too much at all. I’m also yet to use the eyeshadow brush but it does feel very soft so I’m hoping it will be good.

Alright everyone that’s all for today, see y’all next week 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday!



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