Glazed Apple Bath Jelly

Hey everyone, yet another Body Shop product review coming your way this week. If you didn’t know better you’d think I lived in a Body Shop (unfortunately I don’t I just have a load of Body Shop products to review right now 🙂 )


This is a great little product. I’ve not had time for baths lately with being busy with uni work but while I was off for a week after exams I had a few baths. I used this and it’s great. It’s strange in that I thought it wouldn’t be quite as like jelly as it is. You take out a scoopful and 2 minutes later any indentations you made no longer exist. It doesn’t look like you’ve used any at all and, at the same time, the volume of bubbles this produces from a relatively small scoopful is really great. Again, as this is from the Glazed Apple range, it smells fantastic. It was only about £12 I think and I’d say it’s definitely worth it though I wish there was more in a tub and I shall be making a lot more time for baths now. 8/10.

Hope everyone’s having an amazing Sunday. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway, only 1 week left to enter. Just remember to have been following the blog for at least 1 week and to comment anything at all and your twitter handle on the giveaway post linked here.



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