Missing In Action

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry it’s been nearly 2 months since my last post (and probably even longer since my last decent post that was worth reading, let’s be honest). I don’t even know if anyone has still stuck around to see when my next post will be up but if you have then thank you so much. I’m so grateful to potentially still have some readers.

Basically, I have been so swamped with uni work lately that I honestly haven’t had any time to write blog posts, hence me writing this at 3am on a Saturday having just finished up with some revision, or even go and buy any new stuff for reviews (in terms of buying stuff I’m usually pretty good with my money but I’ve been completely skint for 2-3 motnhs now). So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around. Third year has been really quite hectic and I’m almost at the point where I’m just done with the whole uni thing which probably makes it a good thing it’s nearly summer.

I did mean to try and find some time to blog over Easter break because, despite my recent complete lack of posts, I do love to write. However, things just didn’t work out and I actually ended up not even seeing my family that much, despite being back at home, because, again, revision. I was also trying to start going to bed earlier because I’ve literally been going to bed between 12am and 3am since the summer I started at uni, which just isn’t good nor healthy. So because of that I couldn’t even write late at night.

Finals are coming up. I’m just heading into my second last week at uni on Monday. I have 1 piece of coursework, 2 class tests, and 3 exams to get ready for. I have 2 weeks between the last week of uni and my first exam so if I take a day off from revision or if I just get super bored revising and want to do something different for a while I will try my damnedest to blog for you guys, if you’re even still reading my posts at this point. Honestly, I’m anticipating that next year won’t be much better because, with any luck, I’ll pass my exams and I’ll be in my fourth and final year. Which is always fun because you know what fourth year means? Honours project/dissertation! Honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive next year but I’ve managed to survive the past 3 years so hopefully it won’t be much different.

So, yeah, I just wanted to write something for you guys and I figured I need to let you guys know why I’m so useless at blogging and have been for at least 6 months at this point. I swear to you guys if I have a chance and I just feel like writing or if I feel like I have something on my mind I need to talk about, I will try as hard as I can to blog it so you guys have something to read. I really hope this isn’t too boring for you and I hope to start writing much more interesting posts for you, though it might not be until the summer that I get a chance to just write and nothing else.

Please, please bare with me. I know this is like my fourth or fifth post about why I’ve been MIA and they’re probably getting annoying at this point so I’ll just say this in closing. If I ever disappear off the face of the blogosphere, it’s more than likely that it’s because uni or life in general is getting really intense and, honestly, that needs to come first. I write because it’s something I love to do but it’s not my job. Sometimes I wish it was but then I’d be fired in the first couple of weeks because I’d just go missing. I hope to be back posting on a semi-regular to regular basis very soon however, if I fail in this endeavour, you will DEFINITELY see another post once I finish exams in the 2nd week of May.

I love you guys and honestly, thank you so much if you have stuck around long enough to still care if I write something or not. I hope everyone’s having a superb Saturday night/Sunday morning!



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