Current Music Addiction

Hola! I’m baaaaaack 😀

I’m so happy to be back guys, and you know what that means? Exams are over (YAY!!) and summer has begun (AWESOMEBALLS!!!!!!!). Sorry I’ve been missing for the past 2 months but I am currently in the process of typing up a couple of posts for your enjoyment. For now though welcome back! Hopefully I’ve not been gone so long that all my readers have lost all interest :S and if you’re new welcome 😀

I decided that for my first post in 2 months I’d do another music addiction post. If you’ve been with me for a while you may remember I wrote a small piece about my current music addiction way back when. So I have 3 current musical addictions.

Firstly – my boyfriend and I were surfing through old X factor auditions on YouTube last month and we came across Alex and Sierra. They won X Factor USA in 2013 and are amazing!! Their audition was super and if you want to check them out I’ve linked their X Factor journey playlist and their album’s playlist below. This has literally been on repeat every day since we found them 😀 The only thing that’s sad about them is that because X Factor was cancelled after their season in 2013, and because it took them til October 2014 to release an album (full of all original songs) and also because of the lack of publicity and advertising, they aren’t massively well known. However they are working on a new album (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!) and this time they are going to put some new versions of songs they did on the show on it because I think a lot of people were a bit sad to see there wasn’t any on the original album.


Second – basically every rendition Demi Lovato has done of Stone Cold, specifically the one below though. Any time I get bored and I’m out with my iPod I’ll throw on her Confident album and this is one of my favourite songs from the album (baring in mind the ENTIRE album is a current favourite because it’s just bomb!)

Finally – another one I’ve been playing whenever I’m bored or just want to listen to music is Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. Especially the version she did on American Idol. Such an emotional song, just like Stone Cold.


Alright guys so there’s my 3 current music addictions. Feel free to let me know about your current music addictions in the comments below.

Hope everyone’s having a great day! See y’all soon with some more posts 🙂



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