Lush Curly Wurly Review


Hola everyone! Coming at you today with a new review.

I bought this tub of Curly Wurly from Lush a few months ago and I am in 2 minds about it completely. So I’ve used this a couple of times and ended up deciding it just really wasn’t for me at all. But we’ll get into that in a minute.

I want to start  by saying this is a great shampoo. It does a great job and your hair is always really soft after using this. The smell won’t be to everyone’s tastes because there is egg in this and so the smell of eggs mixed with the smell of the coconut produces something slightly odd. It’s not bad though. Nothing like H’Suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser.

However, for me what annoyed me the most about this product was the desiccated coconut in it. Maybe this isn’t the biggest thing in the world and it probably won’t bother many of you at all. So the sales assistant in Lush kept repeatedly asking if this was what I really wanted to buy and she kept pushing me to buy something else because this was for curly hair only, a claim I can’t find evidence for on their website though there are a few reviewers saying they’d suggest it for curly haired individuals, but me being stubborn I just really wanted to try this. Just to let you all know, this product would have been absolutely fine for me even with the coconut bits if my hair wasn’t the type to just basically knot as much as is possible while being washed. It doesn’t go knotty where it’s like I can’t even pull a brush through it but it didn’t make washing out all the coconut bits easy at all. I needed to brush my hair out while rinsing it under the water about 10 times before there was no coconut left in my hair.

Overall it does the job it’s meant to do really well but for me this was just a miss product. With prices ranging from £5.75 for a 100g tub up to £18.25 for their 440g tub I think, while  these are normal prices for Lush, this gets a little too expensive for what it is the bigger the pot size you get. 4/10 for me. Sorry Lush but I’m sure many other customers will love this product.

Hope everyone’s having a fab day!



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