Hey everyone! Please, please, please don’t hate me for not posting for the past 6 months :S

This has been a super looooooong semester at uni (thankfully I only have 1 semester left now) and I’m also kind of stuck on what to write about. Honestly I have so much skincare stuff sitting in my bathroom that I’ve already reviewed and to be honest it’s taking me a really long time to use it. Also, because my makeup skills are only pretty mediocre and I don’t buy makeup very often either, it’s kind of hard to write makeup reviews. In terms of book reviews. l have literally no time to read anything outside my material and research articles for class. Same for new games, if I get any time to play games I get a few hours at night and I’ll play the stuff I already own.

So hopefully you can see the predicament I’m in. I will write a couple posts over Christmas break (and I MEAN IT this time). I can post a Christmas present post, an advent calendar post and maybe I think I have a couple items lying around I haven’t written reviews for yet.

If you’re still reading this far, and honestly if you still bother to look for posts from me, thank you so much for still having an interest in what I have to say. I’m going to make a genuine effort this time to get back on the writing/blogging train. Thank you to everyone who still reads my posts though. And if anyone has any suggestions for what else I could write about they’d be very, very much appreciated.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday/Friday!



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